Hallo lovely people!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I am an emerging abstract artist from South Africa, living in Canada. I am also a busy mom of two girls (one of my lovely girls is in the photo with me above).

I have been an artist my entire life, although I have expressed this in different ways. I first worked as a professional make-up artist for over 12 years in the beauty and fashion industry and I loved working with diverse and creative teams. After that I worked as a beauty, lifestyle and travel blogger and writer for a variety of magazines and websites. I have only started painting full-time about 3 years ago and I am mostly self-taught.

My art work is based on emotions, nature and people. I have traveled and moved a lot and lived in many different countries. I see similarities everywhere I go, in nature and in different cultures. I enjoy working with different materials and with fluid art mediums, like watercolours and inks. The reason I love these mediums are because they give me an opportunity to work more organically, since the paint and inks naturally flow and form shapes. I find colour, composition and luminosity intriguing. 

In life we go through many different emotions, many ups and downs. Our emotions are like the different seasons, constantly changing. When things get hard, we need to remind ourselves that the sun will shine again. My aim with my work is to plant a seed of positive thought in the viewer's mind. I hope that this will give hope, joy and happiness to everyone that views my work.

Exhibitions I have participated in:

  • Learn. Create. Live - Group Exhibition: July 20 - August 17 2017 at Port Moody Arts Centre
  • Unity Art - Group Exhibition: October 21 - 25 2017 at Inlet Theatre in the Port Moody Civic Centre
  • In the Blink of an Eye - Group Exhibition: May 3 - 31 at Port Moody Arts Centre